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COMPLEX/VIDEO is a software-hardware complex for development of video surveillance systems of any scale from small (up to 10 video images sources) and medium facilities (up to 150 video images sources) to very large facilities with a territorially-distributed structure (more than 150 video images sources).

In COMPLEX/VIDEO, video information interchange is carried out with the help of digital technologies using protocols TCP/IP, up-to-date algorithms of encrypting - MJPEG, MPEG-4, H.264 and hi-tech protocols of multicast data transmission.

Video surveillance systems based on COMPLEX/VIDEO can be organized with the help of both analogue and digital IP cameras. The transformation of a signal from analogue video cameras into a digital stream is carried out by means of IP-video servers.

In addition to the basic multifunction of video surveillance systems, ensuring the display of video images in real time, PTZ control, recording and archive display, Complex/Video includes advanced functions such as motion detection in a frame, video analysis of video images, etc.

COMPLEX/VIDEO has no architectural limitations on the number of included sources of video images, the volume of a video archive or the number of automated work stations.

The open architecture of COMPLEX/VIDEO allows its integration into the structure of any complex security system and, in particular, into a structure with an automatic system of controlling technical security devices "COMPLEX/2000".